High Resolution Digital Print with Xerox

Digital print is rapidly becoming the first choice for small print jobs due to the advantage of speed and cost. Digital also enables the delivery of dynamic printing aimed directly at individuals. Well targeted and highly contextual direct mail is more effective than ever before, perfect for brands who have data on their customers.

Spin Print have recently invested in  the top of the  range Xerox 1000 and Xerox 800 colour presses with optional print station that allows the application of a clear dry toner, expanding your capabilities to capture more high-value applications.

Choose digital print for short run (from a single copy), print on demand applications, personalisation and variable data print.

The maximum sheet size is SRA3 (320mm x 450mm).

Our Xerox 1000 and Xerox 800 colour digital print presses deliver you a sharp, rich, digitally mastered quality. Utilizing Xerox low melt, EA (Emulsion Aggregation) dry ink and new fusing technology, our presses bring you an even wider colour gamut that produces a vibrant image.

Be creative with digital clear

Our Xerox  digital print presses let you enhance the creativity and impact of your prints with its fifth print station that lets you apply a clear effect – expanding your capabilities to capture more high-value applications. Clear dry ink also enables you to create a subtle, professional watermark effect or add an element of security. You can also choose to flood the entire page with clear to draw attention. Go ahead be creative.


GlossMark technology is a revolutionary innovation that helps tackle counterfeiting and fraud by embedding a hologram-like image onto the surface of the documents. We embed extra information into the document which catches the light when tilted and can be seen as an additional separate image. This can be a logo, name, code etc. and can be variable between documents.

The really exciting bit is that the embedded information cannot be scanned or reproduced in a second generation copy.

Although hologram technology isn’t new, GlossMark has two great advantages over traditional holograms and laminates which produce similar effects: the GlossMark process doesn’t require additional printing steps or incremental costs and it accommodates variable data.


A digital print font so tiny you need a magnifying glass to read it. The new MicroText font is just 1/100th of an inch high and has been designed as a deterrent to counterfeiters attempting to forge valuable documents with personalised information such as certificates, personal identification papers and cheques.

Microscopic words are already hidden in the design of some credit cards, cheques and currency. Now micro printing has moved to the next level. Now we can be variable, we can now make important documents more secure by individualising the words, codes or numbers. With MicroText your name and address could be repeated to form the signature line. Vouchers or cheques could print the value in mouse-size type as well as regular size font to further authenticate its originality. Micro printing variable information makes individualized documents even more time consuming to replicate, adding that extra layer of security is an extra barrier to counterfeiters and makes the document more secure.