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Spin Print Solutions - The Company

Directors Glyn Johnson and Dan Brook

When we created Spin Print, we did so with the express desire to bring a unique offering to the trade market. Over the past 9 years we have grown our production facility to include 2+ 5 colour B3 and 5 colour B2 presses. Digital production including Xerox 1000 colour with ClearDry ink, an MGI Meteor XL with a maximum sheet size of 330 x 900 mm and an HP Large Format digital printer utilizing the latest latex ink technology.

Our comprehensive offering has plenty of additional benefits: the ability to police a brand through different print processes on one site, significant time savings in briefing suppliers and the opportunity to consolidate your ordering process. Here at Spin Print we can also provide you with a Web2Print solution, a customized storefront for your customers to personalise and order effortlessly on-line 24/7 .

The “SquareDot” system allows print service providers to escape the commodity stigma and develop new revenue streams with customers maintaining brand compliance and approval processes. Of course we recognise that your perfect parter will also be one that can offer insights and advice that add value to every stage and maximise your profits. That is where we can re-define the concept of partnering in your eyes, ensuring the best possible outcome for any given job.

Spin Print & The Environment

We believe as well as providing a great service and producing quality products, that we also have a responsibility to be as eco friendly as possible.

That’s why whenever possible all our products are produced on eco friendly material sourced from European Union FSC grade forests where more trees are planted than are felled each year. We aim to keep our paper waste to a bare minimum, but still recycle 100% of any paper waste produced by our factory.

Spin Print now only use eco inks in our digital and litho production. The litho inks use a vegetable oil rather than mineral oil with no compromise to the quality of your work. Our HP5500 large format machine uses the latest latex ink technology to eliminate volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions that have been linked to the breakdown of the Earth’s Ozone layer, contributing to global warming.