The Square Dot – Web to Print

Print Service providers face a challenging business landscape. Gone are the days when high quality product and exceptional levels of service would maintain a profitable, loyal customer base. Clients demand you to take on their issues, educate their staff and demonstrate innovation as standard.

Spin Print’s trade web to print system ‘The SquareDot’, combined with cutting edge print equipment across litho, digital and large format has enabled us to become a one stop shop for the modern print buyer but also facilitates the need to assign jobs to your other print partners enabling The SquareDot to be a global proposition. Remember, you are NOT tied into a web to print service of a single printing company.

Spin Print has always believed in best of breed products, but unlike others, we know just having the right print equipment doesn’t get the job done. The SquareDot utilizing Pageflex technology is the perfect partner to print service providers, agencies and marketing departments, helping to secure customers, increase efficiencies and win new business.



With The SquareDot web to print system we build templates  from supplied artwork for clients to choose, customise, proof and purchase effortlessly on-line. With the business to business configuration the system allows print service providers to escape the commodity stigma and develop new revenue streams with customers.

With an ever expanding number of web to print systems out there it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell them apart, but the key is to think about what your customers want. Brand compliance and approval processes, budgeting and reporting are just some of the tools The SquareDot storefront has to offer.



  • Internet based
  • Ready for branding
  • On-line proofing
  • Batch ordering
  • Pageflex technology
  • Not product specific
  • Additional revenue streams
  • Not tied into a single print company