Personalised Packaging – Creazy Products

Creazy is a new range of marketing, point of sale and packaging products.
Creazy eliminates the die-cutting process, allowing lower quantities and faster turn-around times than ever before!

Mug Boxes

The personalised mug box offers 6 printable sides with a tabbed lid, but don’t let the name fool you, this versatile box can also be used as a chocolate or gift box,

Uses include: corporate gifts, weddings, personalised gifts.

Wine Sleeves and Boxes

This is 2 separate products – the ‘wine sleeve’ and the ‘wine box’. Only the sleeve is printable, which when combined with the box creates a product which holds a wine or champagne bottle and can be personalised to a particular event or occasion.

Uses include: corporate gifts, weddings, corporate events.

Pillow Pack and CD wallets

This versatile pillow pack measures 145 x 25 x 98 with tuck in ends it has multiple uses.
Pillow pack uses include: corporate gifts, weddings, corporate events.
The CD wallet holds a standard CD or DVD and is printable inside and out.
Uses include: interactive brochures, software demos, Powerpoint presentations, music demos

Business Card Boxes

Printable on 6 sides these boxes hold 200 cards and can also be used as a business card dispenser.
Uses include: Branding, promotions, point of sale.


Personalised Creazy Tent Card

Measuring 210 x 90 x 80 and with 3 printable sides, the simple tape together design enable use in both landscape and portrait formats.
Uses include: menus, point of sale, calendars and exhibitions.